Covenant Chapel regards the “youths” (adolescents, teenagers) as the future of the society and believes in giving them the right guidance and directions that they need in life to make them champions and great people for Christ in the future.

The Youth Department’s major objective is to provide a good platform on which youths between the ages of 14 and 17 years can be equipped with the word of God, develop God-fearing attitude, and provide opportunities to prepare them for positive impacts in their personal lives and those around them.

The Youth department seeks to achieve its objective through:

  • Structured bible study sessions in which the teenagers study and learn the moral principles of living a consistent Christian life.
  • Provision of opportunities that expose them to resources and workshops to develop self esteem, life and career choices , smart goal setting, and victorious living.
  • Participation in church programs and utilization of the youths talents to the Glory of God.
  • Inculcating the spirit of championship and developing youths appetite for Godly adventure using diverse resources such asĀ  Literature, Bible, Music, Drama, Dance, TV, Videos and the Web .The department endeavors to maintain a good atmosphere for fellowship and create a mind driven by righteousness, purpose, and boldness in our teenagers. Join us today for an interesting fellowship encounter and you will be glad you did!For further enquiry please e-mail : champions@