The Church’s Community Outreach Ministry is entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating the Church’s Vision “Redeeming Destinies and Restoring Dominion” within the community through various efforts that involve support, assistance, training and evangelism.


  • To develop modalities for promoting the church’s vision within the community through provision of support, supplies and development initiatives to target groups in need.
  • To continually project favorable image of the church through support and collaborations with other internal and external ministries in promoting community welfare.
  • To promote communication, encouragement and assistance to needy individuals, church members and the community at large through provision of prayer-based Church’s hot-line.
  • To support the church programs in all outreach efforts
  • To collaborate with the hospitality department as necessary in meeting the needs of the congregation and the community.

These objectives and more are achieved through various sub-units:

Rose: As the rose is a special flower so is this unit.  This unit brings wholesome and refreshing fragrance into the life of members of prison inmates.  This is by way of love, visits, gifts and general counsel.

Also, hope is rekindled in the life of inmates by the avenue of:

– Bible study, prayer and worship,.

– Giving Christ based counseling as it may be required.

– Assurance of Christ’s love not only to inmates but also to victims of crime and violence.

– Assisting and Supporting ex convicts to positively readjust to the

Halfway House: Through Halfway House, we intend to minister to  men and women re-entering the society  for them to receive the intensive love and support they need to make a fresh go in life.

Youth Detention Center: We hope to teach challenged youth how to overcome youthful barriers and succeed in life by having faith in God and His Word.

Camp Jumoke: This is a camp organized for children with sickle cell disease and we provide funds to assist.

Seed of Life Philanthropic Organization:  We provide assistance for research purpose into the cure for sickle cell disease.

Out of the Cold:  This is a program put together in winter months to prepare hot meals for homeless individuals and all those that need food.