The Bible commands us to walk worthy of the calling with which we were called. This refers to every area of Life and Ministry.

Every aspect of our daily Life needs to be saturated with the presence of God. This will then overflow into ministry as we give all glory and honor to Jesus.

At the RCCG Covenant Chapel, we are committed to give God our best. God is truly worthy of excellence, as His Name is excellent.

Thus all of us in the Music Ministry are committed to a high standard of excellence in our practice, ministry, attitude and diligence. When you decide to become a member of this ministry, we will expect nothing less from you. You will enjoy it as God’s glory and virtue increase in your Life.

The name of the RCCG, Covenant Chapel Choir is DAYSPRING. Dayspring consists of a praise team and the general choir.

To usher in an atmosphere for Divine Visitation and Victory with praise, thanksgiving and worship of the Most High God.

The leader of Dayspring will be the CHOIR DIRECTOR (H.O.D). Other offices are:
Assistant Head of the department
Music Director
Praise Team Manager
Welfare Officer
Instrumentalist manager
Librarian / Documents manager
Prayer Coordinator

The Choir Director has the final say in matters that concerns rehearsals, music selection and matters that pertains to Dayspring. It is only in matters of escalation that the Pastorate will be involved not in the day to day running of Dayspring.

We currently have Forty Four (44) active members including instrumentalists and we minister in all music genre- including traditional and contemporary styles.

If you desire to minister in the R.C.C.G. Covenant Chapel, the following guidelines apply:

You must be born again and a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

You must be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

You must be a member of R.C.C.G., Covenant Chapel, attending on a weekly basis, a constant Tithe payer and Offering giver.

You must have the ability to fulfill a singing or music ministry.

You must be committed to the leadership, the vision, and the work of the ministry at R.C.C.G, Covenant Chapel.

You must be willing to submit yourself to the leadership as well as the policies and procedures of the music Ministry.

You must be willing go give your time sacrificially to the music ministry.

You must be a team player, realizing that whatever gift you have is to be used to glorify the name of the Lord.

You must be committed to minister on Sundays, as well as during conferences and special services, unless other agreements have been made with the music department leader.

You must be at least 16 years of age.

You must be a member of R.C.C.G, Covenant Chapel for at least two months and a worker (this time period can be shortened or lengthened at the music director’s discretion).

Pass an audition with the music director. After passing the audition, you must attend a minimum of four consecutive choir/ band rehearsals before ministering on Sundays.

For proven worshippers or instrumentalists coming from another RCCG parish, the time period can be adjusted based on the recommendation from the music director and at least one other member and must be ratified by the church Pastor. (The term proven though relative could mean can perform better than people presently in the team singing the same note. Above all, character is of essence).

For proven worshipers or instrumentalists coming from another church, the time period can be adjusted based on the recommendation from the music director and at least one other member and must be ratified by the church Pastor. Such a person must be undergoing workers in training.

You must be ready to take rehearsals serious even shifting personal engagements when required.

You must know that leading the praise and worship team during any event including Sundays is not rotational. It is at the discretion of the Music Director and assistant in consultation with the Pastor. Albeit on merit.

Cliques are not encouraged and must be eschewed within this ministry.

You are encouraged to seek the Lord’s guidance before making the decision to be part of the Music Ministry. A question that you need to ask yourself is, do I want to sing on Sundays or be a worshipper in spirit and in truth? A truthful answer to this question will guide your decision. This will strengthen and confirm in you, God’s purpose and call on your life. Once you are a member of the Music Ministry, Faithfulness, Commitment and Loyalty are expected. Some of the things that you will watch out for, that will act as a confirmation of the calling are as follows:

Do I look forward to Mondays with expectation or heave a sigh of relief?
Do I constantly practice e.g. instruments or breathing exercises?
Do I only practice on Saturdays or designated Dayspring rehearsal time?
Am I easily offended?
Do I always want to have my way?
Am I always thinking of quitting?
Do my actions fan embers of discord?
Am I able to apply self-control?
Do I reflex or reflect?
Do I encourage the leadership of the choir or pull them down?
Is it always about me and not the team?
Do I do everything so that I will be seen since I know I can play the instruments or sing better?
Do I strive for excellence or want to patch it up?
Will I be committed to the leadership of Dayspring?
Will I be committed to the leadership of the Church?
Do I seek for ways to be a better person?
Do I consistently pray?
Do I consistently study the word of God?

***If you desire to be a member of this AWESOME DEPARTMENT please click on the Day Spring Choir Sign up form and you would be scheduled for auditioning.