The communication department has been entrusted with key responsibilities to ensure proper information flow within and outside the church and to foster favourable image of the church to all publics or defined targets.  The department work to effectively achieve the Mission Statement of the Parish, which is: “Redeeming Destinies and Restoring Dominion”
Communicating all keys processes, vision and activities of the church is essential for fostering understanding and cooperation among within our community.


  • To design communication models that will execute seamless flow of information internally and externally.
  • To continually seek a better way to project favourable image of the church.
  • To promote goodwill of the church at all times.
  • To support the church program with all necessary media activities
  • To promote better communication between the Pastorate and the congregation by making use of available information technology equipment and resources
  • To work with the Head of Departments with their communication needs.


The Communications department shall collaborate with the Pastorate, Heads of departments, members of the Congregation, government agencies and members of the public


  • Always create forums for open discuss
  • Encourage participation through our communication
  • Encourage dynamic process by using new and interactive media
  • Stimulate literary habits through our channels
  • Develop young talents for church service through skill sharing in the areas of media and creativity.
  • Assist other units in development of effective internal communication
  • Develop the congregation as one mouthpiece for the church through focused message delivery.

Our roles

  • Plan, design, execute and monitor communication plans for identified church programs.
  • Evaluate feedback of the public and respond accordingly
  • Manage any issue that affects church image or relationship with the public.
  • Foster effective communication within and outside the church.

Mission Statement

“Redeeming Destinies and Restoring Dominion” by simple standard lay strong emphasis on “Redemption” and “Restoration”. It is therefore safe enough to say the church is out to “take back” (Redeem) the lost i.e Sinners, The unsaved and backsliders and “make better” (Restore) those that are saved (The Redeemed). This powerful Mission Statement is broad based enough to give us a clear picture of our target audience or public and the case may be. Simply put our target group will be both the unsaved and the saved

Audience / Public
The Target Audience definition will assist us in our media focus

Primary Target

“Redeeming Destinies”

  • The Unsaved – Those without any real personal experience of salvation
  • The Un churched – Those with some past church going experience but current not attending
  • The Discouraged – Those with troubled past in all facets of life – Single mothers/fathers, Drug addicts, School drop outs etc.
  • Local and provincial authorities

Secondary Target

  • Church Members
  • Other Christians
  • Those without home church


This brief serves as a short synopsis of communication department. While this serves as a guide to our operation, the department welcomes all suggestion, questions or inquiries.

For further enquiry please e-mail : publicity@